GET /api/services

Gets a list of services that Dicksword supports in the following format.



POST /api/webhooks/:number/:token/gitlab

As of right now Dicksword supports all of the webhook events from GitLab. The home site will help you generate the proper URL to use GitLab.


POST /api/webhooks/:number/:token/bitbucket

As of now, only PUSH webhooks are supported with BitBucket. It's currenty a WIP and has not been extensively tested. If there are any issues, please let me know.


POST /api/webhooks/:number/:token/codacy

Codacy is supported by just using the regular webhook as well as the Slack integration.
If you want more information, then use the Slack integration please.
Just set up an integration in the settings of your project, then click on Slack instead of webhook.
You can put your Dicksword URL into the webhook in that section, and keep the channel blank.


POST /api/webhooks/:number/:token/custom

I added a custom endpoint just in case people were having trouble sending webhook embeds to Discord themselves.
You just have to post a Discord embed like the following example.

  title: 'Test Webhook',
  description: 'Yey, webhooks. Such good.',
  fields: [
  {name: 'Field title', value: 'Much wow.', inline: true}